Poloee is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Toner Cartridges,Toner Chip,OPC Drum,Charge Roller and Other Printer Accessories in Shenzhen,China.

Toner Chip,Magnetic Roller,Charge Roller

Our products include Toner Cartridges,Opc Drum,Magnetic Roller and Other Printer Accessories.

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Toner Cartridge

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Color Laser Toner Cartridges The cartridge shells, toner powder and opc drum are the most important modules for a color toner cartridge, we engineer around HP OEM LaserJet print cartridge shells, use imported toner powder and Mitsubishi &Hampshire opc drum to produce a finished product which matches the high standard quality.
Color Laser Toner Cartridges more
HP2600 Toner Chip We use imported IC to manufacture high quality and competitive chips, guarantee the capacity. Hot-sale item 2600 toner cartridge chip is compatible with hp 2600/1600 printer.We also supply HP, Samsung, Lexmark, Xerox, Minolta series laser toner cartridge chips.
HP2600 Toner Chip more
OPC Drum We can supply green colour, original color and other color opc drums.Hp, Samsung, Lexmrk series are available.Many kinds of choice can safisfy your requirement.
OPC Drum more
HP35A/36A Charge Roller  Reliable and competitive primary charge roller 35A/36A is compatible with HP P1005, 1006 printers, more popular and saleable abroad.
HP35A/36A Charge Roller more
HPQ2612A Magnetic Roller

Q2612A magnetic roller is compatible with HP1010/1012/
xcellent quality and nice price.

HPQ2612A Magnetic Roller more
Toner Cartridge Bubble Bag Both transparent and black Bubble bag used on HP and Samsung toner cartridges Such as HP2612, 7115, 5949, 6511, 4096,2610,1338,2600, Samsung 1710,1210,2010,4100, etc
Toner Cartridge Bubble Bag more

Poloee is one of the largest professional supplier of printer consumables in China.We are modernized corporation specializes in developing,manufacturing and selling a full line of quality compatible and remanufactured inkjet and laser printer consumables, such as toner cartridge, ink cartridge,toner chip,opc drum, charge roller, magnetic roller, wiper blades & Doctor blades,toner powder and bubble bag, etc.   More
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